Where has the time gone?

Just PINCH us because it is like we have been in a dream! The time has flown by and we have been running so far and fast that Farmer Angela (that’s me) has NOT been posting. So what have we been doing since March 1 and the BIG WIN in Minneapolis? Well we got back to the farm from Cochon 555 and then the fun began… Farmer Jason has been getting all of the livestock looked over, vet care and maintenance like toenail clipping/coat care/pest control. Babies have been born on the farm from our meat goats, Angora goats, puppies, and piglets. Jason has also been THE Farmer to talk to about our Livestock Guardian Dogs. After Saturday, we will have found Forever Farms for three litters of pups. Farmers with livestock from all over the United States travel to our little place to find quality “protectors in training” that will grow with their herds and new family. All of that coordination takes up a lot of Farmer Jason’s time to make sure the farmers will provide good homes with realistic expectations of their new working dog.

Jason also took a trip to Kansas to pick up Large Black pigs for the farm. On the way there, just 40 miles from the Kansas farm, he crashed our 16 foot livestock trailer. Imagine a small Ford 150 truck pulling a 16 foot trailer, hits a bump in the road uncoupling the trailer from the hitch, safety chains yanked out from the truck, and then the trailer flying by the passenger window as it races into the gulley. Finally, the trailer came to a smashing end when it plowed into culvert in the ditch. Farmer Jason was A-OKAY but had the bajeezus scared out of him. Thankfully he was alive and uninjured as well as no other vehicle was involved in the crash. He went on his merry way after selling the trailer for scrap to a local mechanic. Home again, home again Farmer Jason brought 6 Large Blacks back to Iowa in the truck because he had outfitted it with our livestock rack.

Besides that little story, our family took the first vacation since I was pregnant with Fremont (4 years old now). We hustled the family into the Farmbus and scooted down to Steele Creek Cabins in Low Gap, Arkansas. We took soap making supplies, lotion bar making supplies, a ton of paper to make labels and lots of groceries. There we spent the week running around and preparing for the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. We also learned that I am more than a tad allergic to Cedar trees! Ugh, they hate me. I know they do because they completely stopped my face from being able to breathe. Yes, my entire face. Besides having a Mom that can’t breathe everyone had a relaxing time and we got a lot of work done. Watching the NCAA Basketball tournament that week was awesome too.

Last weekend I went back to Low Gap to pick up more Large Black pigs for our herd. I took Rian and Ari with me, loaded up the truck and we borrowed a neighbor’s 16 foot livestock trailer. We had a great time with Misty Langdon and got some beautiful new additions for our registered herd as well as pigs for our meat production. Twenty-two lovely piggies came home to Iowa from Our Green Acre Farm. Two registered females (one sow-Cutie, one gilt-Adele) that are both pregnant as well as a pregnant feeder sow (Luella) will have their babies at Lucky George Farm within 2 months. Then we also bought 2 barrows that are big and delicious looking weighing in at 280 each. Joining the biggie bunch are 11 little piggies from 10 lbs up to 30lbs and then another 6 feeder pigs (2 barrows, 4 gilts) that are in their ornery teenage years that weigh around  75-100 lbs. All of them are wonderful, gorgeous and will make beautiful babies or pork for us 🙂

Now–We are putting the final touches on 2015 Market prep. Bringing out the tables and tents from last year, signage, and coolers. Double checking we have everything we want in a nice and organized way. Do we have new tents yet? Nope, not yet. We spent our money on butcher fees. Do we have beautiful new signs? Nope, not yet. We spent our money on market fees. Let’s not forget the biggie though, Did we get shiny new vehicles/livestock trailers? Nope, period. We spent our money on livestock. So now you all know the secret to our success ~ spend all farm “income” on getting the farm ready for market so we can make more “income”!!! It is worth the struggle, time & money investment to feed our family and yours some of the best quality food possible. We really wouldn’t trade it.

I’ll give you updates as the summer market season progresses. Look for us on 4th street just south of Court Avenue and north of the Science Center on Saturday mornings. You’ll see the family every Saturday morning at market. Harrisen will have her heirloom vegetables later this summer, we have 20 Acre soap and lotion bars, as well as a whole mess of MSG & Gluten Free meats from our farm. The sausages both loose and link will blow you away this year!


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