Our Meats

On the farm we eat real, we eat simple, and by golly we eat meat! Our family’s favorite meal is anything made with the pork from our Large Black Pigs. We keep it simple using only a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper to cook up tender, fall off the bone, tasty dinners. Staying with our simple philosophy we cook all of our meat low and slow.

Folks used to take time with their food allowing meat to defrost overnight, roastinLUCKY GEORGE FARM - FINAL LOGOg or grilling on low heat, and letting the juices drip gently off of a succulent prime cut of meat. We think that this is still the best way to enjoy the process of cooking, the anticipation of delicious food, and to bring our families together at the dinner table. Allow yourself to slow down and relax. Take your time to savor the smells of the kitchen and fill your home with the love that comes from a home cooked meal. We know that you will enjoy our Real. Simple. Meat.


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