What we do at Lucky George Farm, what we raise and how we raise it is so very different from our neighbors that we often feel like an island of traditionalists surrounded by a sea of conventional and industrial farmers. We have found that it is definitely easier to find other like minded people around the world via technology and virtual networking than to search the neighborhood for a potential comrade in farming. Our internet family of farmers are supportive, instructional, informative, and give us the freedom to farm in a way that aligns with our values and conservancy efforts.

We are learning every day to be better farmers, business people, and stewards of our natural resources. We encourage you to find people in your life to help you do the same. For goodness sake do not feel that our family and our farm is the one stop shop to answer all of your questions, purchase all of your breeding livestock from, and teach you the “right way” to farm. We do what works for us, in a way that feels right for us, for the future of our family and Lucky George Farm. We are happy to share our findings and experiences with everyone but we are not the single word of truth in farming. If you find it, please let us know 🙂

As farmers, we have many different organizations that we can choose to be a part of. We have decided that our membership in various groups needs to be selective so we receive value from being members and are able to give back to our fellow members. This is why you will see that we have a number of species on the farm and are involved in many aspects of food marketing but we do not belong to associations for every single one.

Take a moment and visit the sites, learn what they have to offer, and see where a portion of our time and energy go to away from the farm. Each site is full of information about our breeds, food diversity, various conservation activities, farmer education, and a number of contacts you can make with folks in your neck of the woods.

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

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The Livestock Conservancy



British Pig Association–Large Black Pig Breeders Club

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Practical Farmers of Iowa



Slow Food USA–Des Moines Chapter




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