Meet “OUR” chef…Chef Thomas Boemer of Corner Table

During the Cochon 555 competition farmers are paired with local chefs. We have the privilege and honor of being paired with Chef Thomas Boemer. He co-owns Corner Table and has recently opened a second restaurant in the Minneapolis area. One of our Large Black pigs will be showcased on his restaurant menu before the competition on the 1st of March.

You may have heard of Chef Boemer. He was voted Top Chef in Minneapolis, MN last year. His restaurant cooks and serves head to tail, whole pig, farm to table. That is our kinda guy! We believe that as a society we¬†have a responsibility to use the whole animal if we are going to take a whole life. I know that it isn’t easy to butcher an animal you have raised and cared for. We think we give our livestock honor in using as much of their bodies as possible to nourish our family and yours. One simple way that we look to minimize waste and maximize the value of Nature’s bounty.

If you get a chance, check out Corner Table at for seasonal and local heritage menu selections.



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