Our Sows

Our ladies are curvy, vivacious, and yes they have great personalities! Each of our proven sows were selected due to their natural inclinations to be great mothers. They are friendly, gentle, and truly at peace living at Lucky George Farm raising their beautiful babies. We maintain a herd of females that are purebred as well as pedigreed and the piglets they produce are where our breeding stock comes from. Only the best of a pedigreed litter are set aside using the British Standard of Excellence for Large Black Pigs.

We also have kept three sisters sows that are not registered to have litters of feeder piglets for us. Those girls have won their place on the farm and in our hearts because they are amazing mothers that produce healthy, vigorous, and beautiful meat pigs.


Pedigreed Sows in our Stable are:                                                Feeder Sows on the Farm:

Adele–Charlotte Sow                                                                          Little Ear–Matilda Sow

Agatha–Warbler Sow                                                                          Luella–Matilda Sow

Anna–Matilda Sow                                                                               O’Brien–Matilda Sow

Christie–Warbler Sow

Cutie–Charlotte Sow

Diana–Matilda Sow

Edith–Prudence Sow

Elizabeth–Matilda Sow

Glory–Grandeur Sow

Jane–Matilda Sow

Kate–Matilda Sow

Lynn–Prudence Sow

Mary–Prudence Sow

Margaret–Charlotte Sow

Mrs. Patmore–Charlotte Sow

Sarah–Charlotte Sow

Vanessa–Prudence Sow




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