Heritage Chickens will be @ Market THIS Saturday

Good Morning! After a long summer of growing slowly on pastures, eating bugs, and natural Iowa grasses our Heritage breed chickens are ready for your plate. They are various heritage breeds including: New Jersey Giants, Orpingtons, Buckeyes, Faverolles, Delawares, Wyandottes, Barnvelders, Rhode Island Reds, and Lakenvelders. Delicious and well muscled chickens raised without hormones or antibiotics in a slow, sustainable, and natural way.

The chickens are whole birds in cry-o-vac bags for freezer storage. Each chicken has been weighed at the butcher and has the weight listed on the bird. Chickens are $5 per lb with an average weight of 3-6 lbs. You can message us on Facebook @ Lucky George Farm to reserve your birds or meet us at our booth at the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. We are located on 4th south of Court Avenue and north of the Science Center. Then look for our brown topped tents on the west side of the street by the parking lots 🙂

When these birds are gone they are gone for the summer. We will have our last batch of 2014 chickens available at the Winter Market. Then we begin raising for 2015!

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