Cochon 555 HERE WE COME!

Not quite a year and a half ago we did this really crazy thing and started a farm. We didn’t take one over, inherit it, or buy into an established business. We moved our family onto 20 acres and lived in a Winnebago older than me (Angela just turned 40) for months while we put our house back into a habitable shape. We sorta thought running water and electricity weren’t too much to ask! Looking at where we were and how far we’ve come is a bit of a “pinch me” moment.  When good things happen on the farm we rejoice!

Cochon 555 has asked our farm to be a part of their culinary competition to be held for the first time in Minneapolis, MN. The competition has been going on for over 7 years now but they have never been to Minneapolis before. On March 1, 2015 there will be a gastronomic bacchanal (a.k.a. kick ass party with crazy good food and booze) put on by the organizers of Cochon 555 and 5 of the top chefs in Minneapolis. The chefs selected for this competition are the best in their craft. They use the whole animal to make multiple dishes that are then judged as a whole entry from the chef and his/her team. The winning chef is then invited to the Grand Cochon in Aspen, CO to compete against the other 9 winning chefs.

Our farm is being paired with one of the most exciting chefs Minneapolis has to offer. He is a food traditionalist that believes in using the whole animal to prepare the cuisine at his restaurant. Currently he uses heritage breed pigs on his menu but we are going to be his first experience using Large Black pigs! Definitely a true test as to our pig raising ability and how it translates into a fine dining experience in the hands of a deft professional. As soon as the folks at Cochon 555 announce our chef we will share with you all too!

This is so exciting for us. It is like going to the Academy Awards of heritage pig farming 🙂

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