20 Acre Soap

Our soapmaking adventure began in the hills of the Ozarks on a little farm by the name of Our Green Acre. My good friend and honorable Pig Wife, Misty Langdon, shared with me the techniques used by her to carry on her family tradition of making soap. Her grandmother and ancestors in Northwest Arkansas have been making soap on their farm for over one hundred years. We feel blessed to have the knowledge of traditional soapmaking given to our family with the connection to times gone by. The tradition of farm families making soap from their animals and land was shared among friends and now we can pass it on to our children. We take great pleasure at Lucky George Farm in making artisanal soaps from the bounty of Nature. It is with great joy that we introduce you to 20 Acre Soap.

All of our soaps are made on our farm, at the family dining room table in small batches with natural ingredients. Don’t be surprised to find some of your favorite Iowa farms and breweries showing up on the ingredient labels of 20 Acre Soap! We incorporate produce, herbs, tonics, beers, and spirits from local Iowa producers  into our soap as each of the ingredients is available during their natural seasons. Living within the seasons is beneficial to our souls, eating within season is beneficial to our local economies, and creating within the seasons gives us times to look forward to as well as appreciate what we have in the moment.

We have chosen to make our soaps in a way that creates gentle cleansing bars that utilize the natural world with little environmental impact. Every bar we make by hand is synthetic fragrance oil free. This choice is one way we curb our personal usage of petroleum based products as well as providing you with a soap that is kinder to more skin types. We use only natural smells from plant extracted essential oils. The oils come from the flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, or bark of a wide variety of plants and botanicals releasing their natural goodness.

Keeping it simple means that you will not find any of the incredible array of chemicals such as parabens; petrochemical derivitaves, artificial dyes, sulphates or synthetic fragrances used in the majority of health and beauty products on the market today. We believe that staying with simple, nature based ingredients is the best way for people to fully enjoy our soaps with mind, body, and spirit. In line with our thoughts on sourcing local with natural ingredients is our choice to not use palm or palm kernal oil. Just as we wouldn’t want our community negatively impacted by production practices and big industry we choose not to be a part of harming other communities in the world. To learn more about global issues surrounding the production of palm oil please visit Say No to Palm Oil at: http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/index.php .

Enjoy the clean that comes from real soap!




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